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Sri Lanka Seafarers are world noted for efficient and trouble free operations.

In Sri Lanka, we have a large number of intelligent, experienced, able and qualified seafarers to be recruited at reasonable rates by any ship owner or operator.
Located in a convenient location with several air lines operating daily schedules, our crew can be dispatched with short notice. Sri Lanka has foreign embassies for most of the countries, so visa can be obtained with in a short time.

In Sri Lanka we have the ISO certified, Approved Training facilities to provide all required certifications under STCW 95 and if the selected seafarer does not have the required short course certification, we can require the seafarers to complete the required short course at short notice as necessary.

We take an effort to ensure that all certificates held by our seafarers are genuine and are currently valid for a further 12 months.

For vessels going to Ports in Europe, America, Canada and Japan, we can require the seafarers to place a bank guarantee against desertion.

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Fishery Harbour, Modara,
Sri Lanka.
Managing Director
0094 71 490 1072
(Capt. E.S.M.Senanayake)
0094 11 2657448 / 38 4281556
0094 11 2657448 / 38 4281556
Short courses
0094 71 415 7004
Long courses
0094 71 415 7005
0094 71 415 7002
0094 71 874 3443
0094 11-2657628